Knowledge of Dental and Oral Health with Tooth Loss Incidence in the Elderly at Hargodedali Nursing Home


  • Hikmatun Ariany Mabruroh Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya
  • I.G.A Kusuma Astuti N.P Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya
  • Bambang Hadi Sugito Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya


Knowledge, Tooth Loss, Elderly


Background : Dental and oral health is a fundamental part of general health and affects
overall well-being. Having optimal oral and dental health can help a person to maintain oral
function, and can make a person feel better and confident. A person who gets older will
experience a decrease in physical abilities so that they often experience health problems,
especially in the elderly. The elderly or the elderly often do not pay attention to and maintain
good oral and dental health due to disruption of physical health, so that a decrease in the level
of dental and oral hygiene often causes tooth loss and tooth loss. The results of the 2018
Basic Health Research found that 57.6% of Indonesians had dental and oral problems, with
54.2% of the age group over 65 years old. Elderly aged over 65 years experienced dentulous
incidence as much as 79.8% and 9.0% experienced edentulous. (RISKESDAS, 2018). Based
on the examination that has been carried out on 10 elderly people at the Hargodedali Nursing
Home, the results obtained as many as 7 (70%) elderly have less than 20 teeth in the oral
cavity and only 3 (30%) elderly have more than 20 teeth in the oral cavity. Purposes : To
determine the relationship between knowledge of oral and dental health and tooth loss at
Panti Werdha Hargodedali Surabaya 2022. Design : This study is a quantitative study with a
cross sectional type of research. Results: There is a relationship between knowledge and the
incidence of tooth loss in the elderly at the Hargodedali nursing home (P<0,05).