Influence Of Parent Knowledge About Tooth Filling With Lower PTI Numbers For Mentally Retarded Children (At SLB Karya Bhakti Surabaya)


  • Wanda Chairunnisa Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya
  • Endang Purwaningsih Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya
  • Ida Chairanna Mahirawatie Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya
  • Sri Hidayati Politeknik Kemenkes Surabaya


parents knowledge, PTI number, mentally disabled


Dental caries is a disease of dental tissue which is characterized by damage to the surface
tissue of the teeth. Children with mental retardation have a higher caries rate and poor oral
hygiene than normal children in general. Parental knowledge is very important in
maintaining the cleanliness of children's teeth and mouth, especially for children with
special needs. Parental behavior is very important in the formation of supportive or
unsupportive behavior by children in maintaining oral hygiene. Objective: The purpose of
this study was to determine the effect of parental knowledge about dental fillings with low
PTI rates in mentally retarded children at SLB Karya Bhakti. Method: this research is a
cross sectional study which was conducted in August 2022 at the Karya Bhakti Special
School. subjects 28 mentally retarded children who met Inclusion and exclusion criteria
were taken using simple purposive sampling technique. Instrument in this study used a
question sheet to measure the level of parental knowledge and an examination sheet to
measure dental caries in mentally retarded children. the data will be analyzed using linear
regression analysis method. Result : Parental knowledge about dental fillings is mostly in
good criteria, while the PTI rate for mentally retarded children is in the bad category. The
results of statistical tests showed that there was no effect between parental knowledge
about dental fillings and the low PTI rate of mentally retarded children (p> 0.05).
Conclusion: There is no effect between knowledge of dental fillings and the low number of